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Cost & Fees


Court Filing Fees
These are fees set and charged by the court and are required to file any bankruptcy in addition to any attorneys’  fees. These fees do not go to the attorney. These court filing fees are:

Chapter 7:   $335.00
Chapter 13: $310.00

What are you getting for your money?
I will say that my fees for the various chapters are extremely competitive. Can you find lower fees elsewhere? Probably.  However, make sure you find out exactly what you are getting for your money.
There are a lot of bankruptcy attorneys out there...just like there are a lot of doctors.  I wouldn’t make a decision as to which doctor was going to perform an important surgery on my wife based on how much the doctor is going to charge me.  In fact, that would probably be one of the last considerations that I would have.  The same should be true as to which bankruptcy attorney to choose.  This is a big decision with potentially huge consequences as to your future financial well-being.  I get a lot of calls from people who have filed a bankruptcy with an incompetent attorney or paralegal and then want to hire me to fix the problems, if possible (and often it is not possible at that point).

When selecting an attorney, you need to ask several important questions:
1. Am I comfortable with this attorney?
2. Does this attorney have the experience and expertise to handle the problems that may arise in my case?
3. Is the attorney handling the main portions of my case himself, or delegating the work to secretaries or paralegals?
4. What am I getting for my fees?
If you run across an attorney who is willing to take your case much lower than the market rate you should be skeptical.  Ask yourself why this person is willing to take less than other attorneys.  Is it a competence issue?  Are they running people through the process like livestock at a feedlot?  Generally in life, as well as here, you get what you pay for.

One admittedly big problem people facing bankruptcy often have, of course, is a lack of cash. However, there are ways to free up cash once you understand how the system works. For example, if your cash flow is low because you are making minimum payments on your credit cards, you may be able to stop (in most cases) making those payments and save up some money for attorneys' fees (don't do this without advice of your attorney). There are also ways, depending on what Chapter you are filing under, to make payments over time or to obtain some money from sale of assets. In any event, there is usually a way to make it work.

I do understand that some people really cannot afford anything but the absolute minimum (whatever that might be) and for them, I suggest they do everything they can to ensure that the attorney they select is competent and pays attention to their case from start to finish. However, if you really are in this situation, bankruptcy may not be the optimal solution to your problems.

I pride myself on providing a very high quality of service for my clients which, I believe, is portrayed by some of their wonderful testimonials.  I have also set up my practice to minimize expenses and pass those along to my clients in the form of the lowest possible attorney's fees. I will work with you to arrive at a payment plan that fits with your personal situation if at all possible.


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